Frequent questions

What can I do with BOHEALTH software?

The BOHEALTH software is structured in different modules that allow users to:

  • Carry out an environmental assessment of the health care center, allocating the energy, water and waste consumption between the different services/sections and uses (HVAC, lighting, SHW, etc.).The BOHEALTH software is structured in different modules that allow users to:
  • Prioritize those environmental aspects (energy, water, waste, ...) that are more relevant
  • Identify and prioritize the Best Available Techniques (BATs) that can be applied to improve the environmental performance of the center
  • Definition and monitoring of an Action Plan for improvement
  • Carry out a comparative study of the environmental performance in different years or in different centers, considering different environmental vectors

How much does BOHEALTH software cost?

The current version of BOHEALTH software is a free trial version (demo), with a limited testing period of three month. After this time, the user can ask for a prolongation of this testing period or access to a Commercial License under agreed conditions with SIMPPLE SLU (

To obtain this free license, you only have to register as user and you will receive an e-mail for confirmation, which allows you to directly access to the software.

How long will be available the free version of the software?

The current demo version of the software will be available for free at least until December 2016. You can use it for free during this period of time, under the conditions explained above and specified in the link "Privacy and conditions of use".

Can the tools be tailored for my specific needs?

We can customise the software tool for your specific needs (e.g. multiple users, other specific modules, other format for questionnaires or graphics, automatic data acquisition, etc.).

Please contact us ( if you are interested in this service.

Which are the minimum hardware and software requirements to use BOHEALTH software?

The basic hardware is a computer with internet access. The minimum screen resolution is 800 x 600.

The minimum versions for different web browsers are the following:

  • Internet Explorer.- version 11 or higher
  • Firefox.- version 10 or higher
  • Google Chrome.- without version restrictions
  • Safari.- version 5 or higher
How is it guaranteeing the security of my data?

All data of your healthcare centres is stored in a database protected by a password. This database is hosted on a server that also requires a privileged user account and corresponding password to access it.
Regarding the passwords of the users of the BOHEALTH software, they are stored in an encrypted database based on the algorithm Bcrypt ( In this way, even the administrators of the database cannot access the user’s original password.

Which is the origin of BOHEALTH software?

BOHEALTH software is the result of the BOHEATH (, co-funded by the European Commission under the LIFE Programme (LIFE12ENV/ES/000124).

The partners of the project are Fundació Hospital de Sant Pau i Santa Tecla (coordinator), Xarxa AIE, SIMPPLE and LEITAT Technological Center