BOHEALTH tool has been developed within the Life12/ENV/ES/000124 project.
This tool allows to analyze the environmental impacts of health centers and identifies the best technologies for their improvement, allowing defining action plans and monitoring.
The implementation of these actions will improve the EFFICIENCY of the center from an environmental and economic standpoint.
The BOHEALTH web tool is designed for personnel responsible for environmental management or general services (general hospitals, primary care centres, day hospitals, socialhealth centres and mental healthcare centres, among others), that need to make decisions on the improvement of the centre.
The proposed decision-making process is based on the Life Cycle Perspective, applied for assessing the best available techniques. The implementation of these measures are based on the Continuous Improvement Cycle, known as PDCA (Plan, Do, Check), resulting in the ongoing improvement of the centre’s environmental profile.
The steps for using the tool are:
  • 1 Register the health center under study
  • 2 Evaluation center (center data entry and associated section)
  • 3 Prioritizing environmental aspects
  • 4 Prioritizing better technologies
  • 5 Definition Action Plan
  • 6 Monitoring Action Plan
  • 7 Comparasion improvements

After editing the Health Centre, you can access the same information through the list of centers.

In the following link you can access the video tutorial of the tool:
The current version of BOHEALTH software is a free trial version (demo), with a limited testing period of three month. After this time, the user can ask for a prolongation of this testing period or access to a Commercial License under agreed conditions with SIMPPLE SLU (
To obtain this free license, you only have to register as user and you will receive an e-mail for confirmation, which allows you to directly access to the software.